Ferplast (Ферпласт) Sofa Cities Cushion


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The Ferplast Sofa Cities Cushion is ideal for the Siesta Deluxe plastic bed for large breeds. The pillow is made of cotton fabric with a soft lining and raised edges, comfortable for the chin of dogs. The pillow is attached to the lounger with a rope and is securely held. If necessary, the pillow can be easily cleaned of dirt or machine washed at a temperature of 30 degrees. With Sofa Cities Cushion, your pet's sleep will always be comfortable and healthy!


Made from the highest quality fabric

Availability of sizes

Stylish and modern design

Does not wrinkle or slip in the plastic basket



Sofa Cities Cushion 8 - 85x62x28.5 cm

Sofa Cities Cushion 10 - 96x71x32 cm

Sofa Cities Cushion 12 - 114x83x37 cm

Material: cotton cloth

Brown color

Producer: Ferplast, Ferplast S.p.A., Italy

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