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energetic, bold, playful and very active dogs that easily find a common language with children;

Yorkshire terriers are similar in structure to human hair. They do not have an undercoat, they almost do not fade, which means that the likelihood of an allergy in the owners is minimized;

do not tolerate cold, so in winter and late autumn they need warm clothes;

the most famous representative of the breed was a dog named Smokey. Together with the owner, American Corporal William Wynn, she participated in battles during the Second World War. She was awarded 8 Stars for her service, served as a "healing dog" and repeatedly saved the life of the military. In the United States, she has six monuments!

The Yorkshire Terrier is a small dog whose popularity has grown significantly over the past few decades. The modest size and doll appearance conquered millions of hearts all over the world, and this is not surprising. But behind a cute face hides a real hunter, hungry for adventure. Despite its miniature size, the Yorkshire Terrier has all the qualities that are inherent in large dogs: courage, curiosity, devotion and quick wit. Moreover, it is a very wayward breed of dog. To do something stealthily, to gnaw wires, to chase a cat - all this can be expected from a small pet. However, the presence of a leader in the family and proper training will certainly help discipline a prankster. Thanks to the intelligence and quick wit, Yorkies learn quite easily and quickly.

Yorkshire terriers get along well with children. The main thing is that the child understands that this is a small and fragile dog that is easy to injure. Yorkies get along well with other animals in the apartment, but often try to dominate even larger neighbors.


The hardest part about keeping the Yorkshire Terrier is hair care. The dog must be periodically brought to the groomer for a haircut, wash with a special shampoo as it gets dirty and combed daily. In addition, like any decorative dog, the Yorkshire Terrier needs to cut its nails monthly. Due to its small size, Yorkshire terriers have an extremely sensitive digestive system, which quickly responds to nutritional errors. Choose specialized feed for small breeds. Due to the structural features of Yorkshire Terriers, there is an increased risk of developing infectious eye diseases, as well as tooth decay. Regular rinsing will help maintain eye health, and eating dry food will help clean your teeth.

Conditions of detention

Many sources claim that it’s enough to teach York to be a diaper, and walking on the street does not require regularity and is only possible if possible, for the psychological comfort of the pet and for him to get new impressions. In fact, this is not so: like all dogs, physical activity is important for Yorks to improve health and maintain a good mood. Yorkshire Terrier is enough to display once a day, ideally - twice.

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