Care and hygiene

Care and hygiene

Pet Care and Hygiene - Tips for Dog Owners

Domestication of a dog led a person to the need to monitor its health, which means to adhere to certain hygiene standards in its maintenance. Regular and thorough care allows you to maintain the health of the animal for many years. It includes:

  • haircut, combing, hair care, including bathing;
  • eye care; fight against skin parasites;
  • ear care;
  • maintaining the oral cavity and teeth in a healthy condition;
  • claw care;
  • specific care for females during estrus.

Cleaning wipes. for ears (90pcs) 8in1


Cleaning wipes. for ears (90pcs) 8in1..

Collar Bayer Foresto 38 cm


Назначение: От блох и клещей Тип средства: Ошейники Тип животного: Кошки Собаки Длина ошейника: 38 см Страна-производитель товара: Германия Страна регистрации бренда: ..

Dog toothpaste with brush TRIXIE


Dog toothpaste with brush TRIXIE..

Flea and tick chewable tablet


Complete protection for a whole year against fleas in just four doses, means fewer procedures.Excellent protection against parasitic insects for every season.With Bravecto you can ..

Fluoride spray for dogs with dogs 50ml TRIXIE


Fluoride spray for dogs with dogs 50ml TRIXIE..

Shampoo Antiparasitic and Antiseborrheic 45 ml


AppointmentAnti-dandruffHealingFor treatment and preventionType of facilityShampoosType of animalDogsVolume45 mlCountry of originUSABrand CountryUSA..

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