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3.5 months


On sale a very beautiful puppy, girl, age 3.5 months.Photo dated February 26, 2020...

Abyssin Elisha color wild


Abyssin Elisha color wild..

Beaver yorkshire terrier


Puppies beaver yorkshire terrier with international pedigree.Puppies have been fully vaccinated, registration in accordance with the international standard.A complete set of docume..

Bengal kittens


Bengal kittens..



Bengal kittens, always available from the nursery..

Black Girl Teddy, maltipu


Black Girl Teddy, maltipu..

Chocolate mini taksa, 6 months


Ready to move to a new home arrogant taxi-driver) Very quick-witted, nimble, active.Documents KSU-FCI, fully vaccinated, microchipped, processed from parasites.Possible sale on the..

Classic boy


A Persian boy of a classic type, color red color point with blue eyes, is glazed, accustomed to a lot of points, eats both dry premium food and natural food. The baby is well-fed a..

Club Pomeranian Puppies


Club Pomeranian Puppies..

Cool mini girl, 3 months


Cool mini girl, 3 months..

Dwarf Poodle Boy


Snow-white, pedigree and very beautiful boys of a dwarf (miniature) poodle, age 3 months, temperamental, active, well-mannered, accustomed to the diaper, fully vaccinated, normal t..

Ekskluziv Brits


Ekskluziv Brits..

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