Pomeranian Spitz

Pomeranian Spitz

Pomeranian Spitz

Club Pomeranian Puppies


Club Pomeranian Puppies..

Cool mini girl, 3 months


Cool mini girl, 3 months..

Exclusive. Puppet orange girl


The baby has a good anatomy, a beautiful pedigree head, a short nose, a gorgeous smile! Mini size, adult will be about 1.5kg! The baby is absolutely healthy and has no shortcomings..

Keeshond Wolfspitz


Introducing the new litter of puppies in our kennel! Date of birth October 18, 2019In litter 3dev. 2mal.Keeskhondi are not difficult to maintain and care, not allergic, odorless, n..



SHEFF BERGE From Cute Fun Fire (MONIA)f.CR CHASE JUSTICEm. KOLEMNITI GYNGEG From Cute Fun Fire-JCH Ukraine-JCH Bulgaria-JCH Romania-JCH MoldovaСертифікат обстеження колінних суглоб..

Pomeranian Spitz 20 Noyabr 2019


Pomeranian Spitz 20 Noyabr 2019..

Pomeranian Spitz Female


Pomeranian spitzThe female is 1.5 years old.Fully vaccinated documentary, weight 2 kg. Call and ask your questions directly!Tel +994777323232..

Pomeranian Spitz puppies white


Pomeranian Spitz puppiesAll of them were male, fully packaged and fully vaccinated...

Pomeranian Spitz puppy


Pomeranian Spitz puppy.Date of birth: 12/23/2019.fully vaccinated, the full package is documented.Call and ask your questions directly!..

Померанский шпиц Девочка 3 месяца


Померанский шпиц Девочка 3 месяца..

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